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Online surveys are one of market and social research tools to collect ideas and opinions from consumers. Participation in our OnlineMonitor© project gives you an opportunity to share your opinion on everything that stirs up your interest. We do value your opinion and offer our participants an adequate incentive. Participants get paid for completing questionnaires, while the company that authorized us to conduct this research obtains information from consumers.

Online surveys are run when a client (for instance, cosmetics manufacturer) needs to find out: preferences of those who use their produce; what they value in their products and what is superfluous; how they decide on a purchase; which new product is likely to be a success on the market; manufacturer’s market share and those of its competitors and a plethora of other purchase aspects or use of client’s products/ services. Answers to these questions allow clients to make smart decisions and successfully develop their business. Consumer surveys help minimize risks when starting new lines of business, since manufacturer is already aware of what its target audience expects. This method is used to study consumer preferences in terms of goods and services as well as their political passions or lifestyle.

To take part in this project you just need to register and confirm your e-mail address so that a personal account is created for you. You will receive e-mail invitations to participate in research projects or you can track them in your personal account. For each completed survey you will get an incentive which is transferred to your personal account.

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